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Isaac Watson

Isaac Watson stands as a forward thinker, convicted with a mandate to see his generation embrace the present truth of God’s Word. He is known for standing against ideologies that dis-empower God’s people, and for boldly confronting mental strongholds that keep them in bondage. He is no novice regarding Kingdom service and has garnered the respect of his peers as well as many fathers and mothers in the Body of Christ. His influence and impact has enabled him to minister alongside and to many of today’s respected Church leaders within his city and other regions, lending to his credibility and standing as an endorsement of both his life and ministry. 

His ministry is one in which the mind and heart of God is regularly proclaimed with prophetic insight, practical wisdom, and frank candor resulting in times of intercession, repentance, healings, miracles, and deliverance regularly occurring.

As a result, Isaac has now undertaken the mandate to pioneer Isaac Watson Ministries, an equipping initiative catered towards present and emerging leaders meant to disciple them in various Kingdom disciplines including prophecy, prayer, and leadership while grounding them firmly in the Love of God and New Covenant doctrine through sound biblical teaching, wise instruction, and empowerment. 


His agenda is simply to empower a generation to transform culture through the message and ministry of Christ. Therefore, one can indeed conclude that Isaac Watson is a man driven not by false ambitions or the praise of men, but rather by an apostolic mandate to see lasting change occur within the lives of those he has been called to.


Isaac M. Watson is the co-founder of Encounter Worship Center in Park Forest, Illinois, which is a church mandated to convert hearts, transform cities, and impact generations for Jesus Christ. As an apostolic and prophetic voice, he has ministered throughout the United States and overseas. He is the author of Access Granted: Unlocking Your Potential As An Intercessor. Isaac currently resides in the south suburban region of Chicago, IL with his wife, Brittney and daughter, Eden.

Brittney Watson

Brittney Watson is a worshipper with a heart after God and a vision to see the broken and dying restored to life. She is mandated to release the beauty of God through teaching, intercession, and song and desires to see those she is called to impact gain true identity and reflect the beauty of God they have received. She is the co-founder of Encounter Worship Center in Park Forest, IL which is a church mandated to impact generations, transform cities, and convert hearts for Jesus Christ. Brittney resides in the South Suburbs of Chicago, IL with her husband, Isaac and daughter, Eden.


As a growing woman, Brittney endured many obstacles and silently suffered with shame, low self-esteem, lack of confidence and a host of other road stumbling blocks. After being delivered from these various things, she felt it necessary to create an environment where women wouldn’t have to suffer alone but be empowered to overcome every obstacle placed before them. LeadHer Life was birthed in Brittney’s heart as a means to build, affirm and restore the heart of the woman.

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